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Thinkorswim colors

I have had many requests in the past to change the default formatting of an indicator—color, line style, etc. This is easy to do, but not well documented. You begin with the name of the plot. To set the indicator to the color white, use this:. Very complicated, I know. The possible arguments are:. FIRM The standard line curve.


The arguments are 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. The thinnest is 1 and the thickest is 5. This example sets the line to the thickest weight possible:. The argument should be 0 for show, 1 for hide.

This is what I do in my Formatted Pivot Points indicator to do dynamic hiding. Now you know the basics of formatting your plots with Thinkscript! Leave a comment if you have any questions. SetDefaultColor Color.

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White ; myindicator. Green else Color. Red ; myindicator. SetStyle curve. SetPaintingStrategy paintingstrategy. SetLineWeight 5 ; myindicator. This entry was posted on June 4, at pm and is filed under ThinkscriptTutorials. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.Paints intervals of a plot with desired colors depending on a condition. The specified colors override the default color set for the plot. Note that when used in script for a custom quote, this function sets the color of the quote value.

thinkorswim colors

In this example, if the difference between the current closing value and the closing value for the previous bar is positive, the Diff plot is painted green, otherwise it is painted red. Colors can be specified in the following ways:.


Note that you can change colors of a plot in the Edit Studies dialog only if you use the Color function to define these colors. In the rest of cases you can change the colors only by editing the source code of a study. Input parameters Parameter Default value Description color - Defines color to be applied to the plot. DOWNTICK ; In this example, if the difference between the current closing value and the closing value for the previous bar is positive, the Diff plot is painted green, otherwise it is painted red.

Colors can be specified in the following ways: Note that you can change colors of a plot in the Edit Studies dialog only if you use the Color function to define these colors. AssignPriceColor Color.What's new New posts New profile posts. Market Sentiment. Log in Register.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Townsend Start date Dec 31, Townsend Member VIP. This indicator will display Heikin Ashi colors red or green from any period on any other period. In this example, I'm putting 10 minute Heikin Ashi colors on 1 minute bars. This is possible thanks to the Aggregation Period function. BenTen Administrative Staff. Well done. Thanks for posting.

thinkorswim colors

Utajiri New member. Hi, Can someone help with building a script for multi-time frame closing price? I want to be able to view the closing price of any time frame from 30m, hourly etc - preferably have the option of selecting any time time frame I want on smaller time frames and indicate it with a line on my intraday 1 or 3min chart. If there is a way to do this such that I can select any price type OHLC of a larger time frame from 30mins upwardson smaller time frames between mins that would be awesome.

Thanks guys! Can someone help with building a script for multi-time frame closing price? This is about as close as I can find.

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Utajiri This will work for you. I'll post this in the Indicator Sectionwith a chart later, just so it's in the library. Red else Color. Green ; o. SetPaintingStrategy PaintingStrategy. Green ; c.Hello not real good at coding Hi Benjamin, I'm very sorry your message slipped through the cracks and for the very late reply.

Hope you were able to figure it out, but if not, let me know and I might be able to point you in some good directions. Looking for a script that will spot and highlight intraday reversals in my watchlist.

thinkorswim colors

Thinkorswim platform. Would love to have a Custom Column for the watchlist. Would work on 5 or 15 min time frame. Colors column field red if stock is bars lower than high of day. Colors column field green if stock is bars higher than low of day.

Anyway this is possible? Thanks very much.

Custom Thinkscript - Volume Stats for ThinkOrSwim

Commodity Market Tips. More details on my need some TOS code so I can spot intraday reversals in the stocks in my watchlist without having to look at charts. These are great as it's often a good place to watch for a reversal trade. However if you don't have the chart for a particular stock opened you won't see it. My need is for a Custom Column in my watchlist where these Hi and Lo indications can be seen, even if the chart for that stock is not open. I work on 5 or 15 min time frame generally during the day.

Maybe mark the column field "H" if stock is X bars lower than high of day. Remove the letter change to color grey after X bars as the move may have already played out as far as a good scalp.

Is this something you have already scripted or could I pay you to create this script. Hi Aram, Sorry about the delay, I'm glad I saw your comment before it slipped through the cracks.

This is something that "should" be relatively easy it always starts out that way, hahabut I'm much more familiar with coding in TradeStation vs. My knowledge in TOS thinkScript is very novice. Unfortunately, my time is very limited these days, so as much as I'd like to help, I'm not sure I'd do a very good job in a reasonable time.

Here are the two key sites where I learned about thinkScript via examples, and I would have to imagine the sites and the folks there would be able to help you much better than I ever could. Good luck! There is so many new swing trade newsletter as well as journal available online that can be taken into count to learn more about different shares and related aspects.

If you are taking wide interest in this particular field make sure you seek the help of best sources and stock newsletter journals to get a detailed view about shares or investments. Awesome tutorial and code, thanks for sharing. I've been dabbling with creating custom columns recently, but have had trouble creating the text labels instead of numeric.

This code helped explain what I was missing, so thanks! This is the first thing I tackled with EL so finding an already built code is a real score. It took me about 6 minutes - works perfectly. This will save many hours going forward and makes TOS quotes a lot more visual. You rock man! Much appreciated. Post a Comment. A few examples of the levels include where the stock currently trades or has traded in relationship to the prior high of day pHOD as well as the prior low of day pLODand the 30 minute opening range.What's new New posts New profile posts.

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True Momentum Oscillator for ThinkorSwim. Thread starter BenTen Start date Dec 18, BenTen Administrative Staff. The following thinkScript of the true momentum oscillator was created by Mobius. It calculates momentum using the delta of price. Giving a much better picture of trend, tend reversals and divergence than momentum oscillators using price. Rich BB code :.

thinkorswim colors

HideBubble ; Signal. HideTitle ; addCloud Main, Signal, color. SetDefaultColor Color. HideBubble ; ob. HideBubble ; os. HideTitle ; addCloud ob, length, color. Last edited: Jan 28, This one runs under my RSI Laguerre on a daily chart.

Mobius recently put it on his trading chart. Turn off after and before market hours. Delta of price is really only calculated during RTH. Unless you're trading futures, then if there's option trading, there's Delta of Price, as I understand it.

I love this indicator. Last edited: Jul 26, Definitely worth testing. Thanks for the heads up on the combo. I'm wondering since heiken ashi is lagging if it would make a difference or if the parameters would need to be changed.

I really like heiken ashi smoothness but getting used to what I think is lag of price will take some getting used to. You must be able to believe in your system in order to pull the trigger to get in and out without 2nd guessing. Last edited: Jul 27, Please note that the daily chart has candles and the 30 day 1 hour chart is a Heiken Ashi. About time frames: the TMO on the 30 day chart changes with the chart and there is no need to adjust anything.

The same goes for the RSI Laguerre on any chart. Please note that the daily chart has both a daily and weekly TMO and if you use that particular study, you will need to change the Agg to match your chart.

The colors of the candles and volume bars are controlled by the Slim Ribbon study. Those colors are in the color bar tab of the settings.Appearance Settings are common for all chartings, they include color scheme, parameters related to chart modes and types, and crosshairs shape. Make sure you are on the Chart Settings window. For information on accessing this window, refer to the Preparation Steps article.

Choose the Appearance tab where you will be able to customize settings specific to each available chart mode.

Regardless of which chart mode or type you are using, colors are always apllied to their elements in the same way:. Select a desired chart type from the Chart type drop-down list.

10 Min Heikin Ashi Colors on 1 Min bars for ThinkOrSwim

Note that you can customize the Style menu so that you can select the chart type directly from it. For more information on adding items to the Style menu, see the Customizing Style Menu article.

For more information about the chart coloring algorithm, refer to the Chart Modes section. Specify which lines you prefer to be displayed: Yearly displays as many yearly lines as specified in your timeframe, e.

Specify color for the current year's and average lines. Note that these lines are displayed thicker than the others. Select Highlight seasons to have the seasons winter, spring, summer, and fall displayed each in a different color.

Months in each season will use slightly different shades of the same color. Note that it only works for charts with an aggregation of 1 day and if the report data is available. These settings are common among all chart modes if applicable e. Note that you can also set the cursor directly from the chart window by clicking the Cursor Type icon in the bottom left corner. Select a desired color for the cursor by clicking the sample color square to the left of the Cursor drop-down list.

Similarly, define colors for Volume bars and Background of the chart in the bottom area of the Appearance tab. Select the Color as symbol ticks option if you wish to color volume bars according to bar or line tick colors or candle border colors. Check the Show grid box to enable displaying of the grid on chart subgraphs' background. Once you have finished customizing the color settings, click Apply to see changes on the chart and go on with modifying chart settings.

Clicking OK will apply the changes and close the window. To cancel all the changes you made, click Cancel.Video Transcript:. Hello traders. Welcome to the thinkorswim tutorial and the third module, charting. As you remember, in the past lesson we have learned how to enable the monitor, chat, and the left-side bar. Now we are going to talk about charts. Now, this is the default chart appearance on thinkorswim.

When you go to the sub-menu settings, you are going to be prompted out with this box. Now, you can change the color of your candlesticks for when they are bullish or bearish. Border up means that the closing price of the candlestick is above the opening price.

And border down means that the closing price of this candlestick is below the opening price. Now, the doji bars are going to remain uncolored because this means that the closing price and the opening price is the same.

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Now my bullish candles are blue, my bearish candles are red, and my doji is still white. I like to use the crosshair tool with the full color. Now, the volume bars can also be changed in color. The present color is blue, but you can select any color that you want.

Now the only thing that is left for us to change on this chart is the background color. So we are going to choose a plain blank background color and we are going to opt to not use the grid. In order for you to be able to look or not at the grid, you have to click on this box.

Okay, now the grid is on, and now the grid lines are gone. Most of you think that these lines by default on the thinkorswim platform cannot be eliminated. But let me tell you something, you are wrong. We have three kinds of line here.

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