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Remington 870 express bead sight replacement

With opening season approaching around the corner, hunters are looking for accessories to enhance their weaponry to make this season productive. Such an accessory could be a sight, informally known as a scope, an aiming aid based on a refracting telescope. A basic scope typically consists of a reticle mounted onto a device, in order to provide the best aim.

remington 870 express bead sight replacement

In this article, we are going to be discussing the best scopes available on the market for the Remington Single-bead sight. The most basic type of shotgun scopes, the single-bead sight, consists of a bead at the end of the gun barrel to cover the target when the shooter takes aim.

This scope can be used without a ventilated rib; a rail along the barrel-top that the shooter sights upon to help take aim. Double-bead sight. A double-bead sight, like the single-bead, has a bead at the end of the barrel and another mid-way down.

Some shooters tend to lift their heads as they take aim to see if the target is hit. The double-bead forces the shooter to keep his cheek tight to the stock, thereby increasing accuracy and aim. It can be used with or without a ventilated rib. Post and blade sight. Rifle, iron, and open scopes all fall under the category of the post and blade sight. This type of sighting system, which usually comes with an un-scoped rifle, consists of a rear notched blade and a front post. Unlike single and double-bead sights, the shooter can self-adjust the windage and elevation of this sight.

This type of scope is mounted directly over the receiver and does not typically have magnification properties. Though the name implies the projection of a red dot, the scope actually has a holographic red dot illuminated inside the tube. It can be adjusted for brightness in light-changing conditions and is usually ideal for stationary targets.

Choosing the right scope for your shooting style may seem like an easy process, but there are a plethora of factors to consider. For long-range hunting, the ideal scope should have excellent quality glass, high-powered optics, a ballistic turret, parallax adjustment, and illumination. Keeping these factors in mind, we will now discuss how to choose the best scopes for four specific shooting styles. For tactical shooting, fixed power scopes are typically used.

Although robust and waterproof, due to their lack of flexibility, variable power scopes are now preferred over fixed ones. For tactical scopes, a magnification range of 2. Windage and elevation turrets are common as they provide audible and tactile clicks so you can keep track as you adjust the cross-hairs. When it comes to reticles, illuminated ones are highly recommended as they aid shooting in dim light.

With this, having side focus knobs for parallax adjustments can greatly improve your range. Slug gun shooting is a great style of hunting that employs accuracy and precision. Slug gun scopes should be adjusted for heavy recoil and have average magnifying power, either fixed or variable within the X range. Eye relief is a must, which can be gained through a shorter tube. A ballistic reticle, illumination option, and weatherproof qualities are highly desirable for this style.

For most recreational hunters, a magnification of x is ideal, as increased magnification could lead to missing shots and wasted ammo.

This range is also best for off-hand shooting and following targets. For mid-range scenarios, a fixed power 4x scope is best. On the other hand, for long, open distances, 24x or 36x may be the most cost-effective solution. The scope should also have a solid construction, eye relief of around four inches, and be weatherproof. A parallax knob adds consistency to shots and is necessary when hunting small game.

Single-bead scopes are best used for small game due to their accuracy and red-dot for larger game.Log in or Sign up. Trap Shooters Forum. Recently members have been receiving an email about confirming their account.

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remington 870 express bead sight replacement

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Front bead thread size

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Best Sights for the Remington 870 – Complete Buyer’s Guide 2020

Can anyone tell me the thread size for a Remington front bead? Dan Thome Trap2. Trap2May 10, Remove Advertisement. Dan, I believe some are press fit and some are thread. That is if I remember correctly. This sight can be used as a universal bead with other manufacturers guns, but requires drilling and tapping.

BigM-PerazziMay 10, Joined: Dec 5, Messages: 1, Matt and BMP are correct Joe joe90t. Thanks guys Trap2May 11, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Similar Threads. Replies: 0 Views: Replies: 2 Views: 2, Perazzi Front Bead thread size???? Replies: 8 Views: 2, BigM-Perazzi Jun 15, Ljutic front bead thread size deadelkJun 19,in forum: Shooting Related Threads. Replies: 3 Views: 2, Your user name or email address: Do you already have an account?

No, create an account now.We boast a huge selection of shotgun sights for the Remington shotgun from top manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a new sight bead or a glow in the dark solution for quick target acquisition - we have it! Remington shotguns are a universal platform for all shotgun shooting application - hunting, tactical and home defense. We feature some of the top Remington sights that you can need and the discount prices you want. Please enable JavaScript in Your Browser JavaScript is not currently enabled in your browser and due to this our site will not work as it should.

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Posted: Sun May 22, pm. Recently purchased an older Wingmaster with 18" non-ribbed barrel. Showed up with no front sight. Would like to install a oem - style gold front bead, wondering what thread pitch would be?

Posted: Mon May 23, am. Chances are the old one was press fit bead channel should not go all the way through the barrel metal. To install a new sight, thread to with a bottoming tap, then trim the sight and install with loctite. Also, bead heads come in different sizes forso might want to figure out that as well before hand.

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Don't the short non-rib barrels have the bead on a ramp? Does the barrel have a choke marking on it? May have been cut and that's why there's no sight. Posted: Mon May 23, pm. The barrel is probably only about. If you want to install a threaded shank bead, you will have to drill through and install the bead with Loctite.

Even then you will have only 2. In case you are concerned, there is nothing wrong with drilling and tapping completely through the barrel wall at the muzzle. Virtually every single shot shotgun in the world has it's front bead installed that way. Pressure is low at the muzzle and the bead will not come out if fitted properly.

Posted: Mon May 30, am. Unless it's a rifle sight barrel, the bead is drilled through and threaded. Brownells has them, this is where I like the paper catalog better. You can get silver or gold. Personally, I like the 3 thread, always start smaller, then if it gets monkeyed up in the future, you can got 6. There are some 2 threads out there, but don't see too many of them.


And yes, you will have to file off the bead inside the barrel, and then polish it smooth. A flexhone cleans it up nice after that. Of course, if you aren't doing this often, the suggestion of having a smith do it is a VERY wise suggestion. Does the barrel not have a hole at all? That would be odd. Thread pitch turned out to beordered a new pitch. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic.Remington bead sight removal Moderator: Grizzlywinmag. Posted: Mon Apr 11, pm.

It's mounted on a low base. I think Express models are just pressed in. Grab it with a pair of pliers and yank it out. Wingmasters and the other nicer finished guns are threaded in. I think if you look close, you'll see a small hex or flats to grip it by and unscrew it.

Maybe ask the guys in the Gunsmithing forum to be sure. A couple of them know what they are talking about. Mention if its an Express, Wingmaster, etc. My Express was press-fit.

It had to be cut off, drilled out and tapped for a screw-in Truglo. It's not an easy job because you can drill through the barrel and marr the rib up if you're not careful.

If you have the Express I recommend taking it to a competent gunsmith for this work. Posted: Tue Apr 12, am.

remington 870 express bead sight replacement

Go with XS Sights Big tritium dot for pillar bead sights. It uses JB weld to secure it on the pillar over the original sight. Posted: Thu Apr 14, pm. XS sights does. Try these: Truglo Tru-Point It comes with green and red but you can replace them with white which work out very nicely. Truglo also makes a very nice paint that you can put on your current bead. Just click on their accessory pages. The problem with truglo and any sight for the remington is the pillar I did manage to polish it with my dremel.

Posted: Fri Apr 15, am. Page 1 of 1. Previous topic Next topic. Post subject: Remington bead sight removal Posted: Mon Apr 11, pm. Field Grade.This All-American pump gun brings hunters the best of all worlds. Like all Model shotguns, this workhorse features a receiver milled from a solid billet of steel for maximum strength and reliability.

The silky-smooth twin action bars prevent binding and twisting so that you'll always have the chance to get off a second shot. Appropriately dressed for the hunt and not for the wall, each shotgun sports non-reflective black matte metalwork and a no-frills hardwood stock and fore-end. Select your preferred dealer below for purchasing information. You will be leaving Remington. Update your browser to view this website correctly.

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Front bead thread size

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remington 870 express bead sight replacement

Pump Action Back Model Tactical Back Model DM. Handguns Back Remington R Remington RP. Remington RM Model R1. Model R1 Enhanced. Model R1 Carry. Ammunition Back Shotshell. Centerfire Rifle. Other Products. TAC Marine Magnum. TAC DM. TAC Arm Brace. TAC Hardwood. Rifle Parts. Shotgun Parts. Handgun Parts.

Gun Care. Custom Center. Custom Center Back Classic Series.Discussion in ' The Powder Keg ' started by pipsqueakSep 5, Log in or Sign up. Sep 5, 1. I tried to unscrew the front bead on a remington so I could properly install the Hi-Viz set which actually sucks which I know because I tried them out and they are terrible. I was able to try them because of an adhesive on the bottom of the HiViz front sight.

They are plastic fiber optic sights you attach to a shotgun. I like some fiber optic sights like ones that come on a barrel originally, but with the HiViz it is hard to tell where your virtual crosshairs are lining up. Anyway I was twisting with a pair of pliers and the bead was twisting, but not coming out. Yes I was turning to the left. Now I want to get the bead out and put another in because I chewed it up pretty good on behalf of the HiViz.

How do I get the bead out and another one in? I removed some of the matte or bluing or whatever it is toward the front of the barrel while I was attempting to unscew the bead. Can I paint on bluing or matte? Is there gun paint? I don't want the barrel to get rusty up there. Sep 5, 2. It's probably solderd in. Get some cold blue. Sep 5, 3. Sep 5, 4. Sep 5, 5. Thanks for the good advice. Any do it yourself gunsmiths know how to tap out a front bead that's pressed? Sep 5, 6. You really need a drill press to drill it so you stay centered tho.

Sep 5, 7.

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I understand up until drill, but I don't know what you mean by "tap. How do I put a new bead in? Sep 5, 8. Sep 5, 9. Sep 7, A tap is the tool used to cut threads in a hole DennisSep 7, Sep 12, Try Brownells.

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