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Reflective journal example pdf

May require you to base your reflection on course content. The diary then becomes a place for you to communicate in writing with other group members.

You note down or 'log' what you have done. A log gives you an accurate record of a process and helps you reflect on past actions and make better decisions for future actions.


A reflective note encourages you to think about your personal reaction to a legal issue raised in a course. The field notes were written by hand on lined paper. They consisted of jotted notes and mental triggers personal notes that would remind me of specific things when it came to writing the notes up. Not all the information I recorded was relevant but noting what I found informative contributed to my ability to form an overview on re-reading.

However, the reliability of jotted notes alone can be questionable. For example, the notes were not a direct transcription of what the subjects said but consisted of pertinent or interesting information. Rarely did I have time to transcribe a direct quotation, so relied on my own fairly rapid paraphrasing, which risks changing the meaning.

A tape recorder would have been a better, more accurate method. However, one student brought a tape recorder and was asked to switch it off by a participant who was uneasy about her comments being directly recorded.

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Question: Discuss at least two things you learnt or discovered — for example about design or working in groups or the physical world — through participating in the Impromptu Design activities. I learned that good teamwork is the key to success in design activities when time and resources are limited. I learned that every design has its weaknesses and strengths and working with a group can help discover what they are. We challenged each other's preconceptions about what would and would not work.

We could also see the reality of the way changing a design actually affected its performance. The two 'inventors' an odd name considering that, as Smith says, nobody thinks of things in a vacuum were accompanied by their marketing people.

Reflective Writing Lecture

The conversations were quite contrived, but also funny and enlightening. I realised that the marketing people used a certain form of evidence to persuade the viewers us? To them, this value was determined solely by whether something could be bought or sold—in other words, whether something was 'marketable'. In contrast, the inventors seemed quite shy and reluctant to use anything more than technical language, almost as if this was the only evidence required — as if no further explanation was needed.

This difference forced me to reflect on the aims of this course—how communication skills are not generic but differ according to time and place. Brookfield, SDeveloping critical thinkers: challenging adults to explore alternative ways of thinking and actingOpen University Press, Milton Keynes.

Mezirow, JFostering critical reflection in adulthood: a guide to transformative and emancipatory learningJossey-Bass, San Francisco. This guide may be distributed or adapted for educational purposes. Full and proper acknowledgement is required.

Contact us here: sacs unsw. Skip to main content. Current Students. Sign on Search Menu.Reflective journals are common in many academic fields such as healthcare and education where studies are both theory and practice-based. Reflective writing not only considers the subject matter being studied but also encourages students to examine the learning process itself.

By contemplating their practice based experiences and writing these reflections in a journal, a student can analyze their experiences including their reactions and thoughts and improve their learning experience. When reflective journals are evaluated, instructors are looking for your reactions to an experience and how you analyzed and reflected on it to learn something and relate it to your classroom studies.

Reviewing a good reflective journal sample is one method to learn how to write a reflective journal. Good reflection journal examples from the same field can be used by students to get an idea about reflective journal structure and content. A basic reflective journal template for students is shown here:. Our service provides quality samples of reflective journals for students to review and use as a guide for their own reflective journal.

Our reflective journal writing service specializes in all types of reflective writing at any academic level. The professional writers we use all have advanced degrees and extensive reflective journal writing experience. Writers are assigned to work on projects in the same field as their degree ensuring the best possible reflective paper. Additional benefits of using our service include:. Your Journal Benefits. Best Reflective Journal Sample.

7+ Reflective Journal Templates – PDF

Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions Sitemap. Reflective Journal. Best Reflective Journal Sample Reflective Journal Sample as a Writing Tool Reflective journals are common in many academic fields such as healthcare and education where studies are both theory and practice-based. This, in turn, leads to did I do it the best way and how could I do it better When reflective journals are evaluated, instructors are looking for your reactions to an experience and how you analyzed and reflected on it to learn something and relate it to your classroom studies.

Where to Find a Good Reflective Journal Sample Good reflection journal examples from the same field can be used by students to get an idea about reflective journal structure and content. A basic reflective journal template for students is shown here: Experience description: Start with a description of the experience. Describe what happened without coming to any conclusions. This is what you will reflect on. Describe what you felt: What was your reaction to the experience and how did you feel about it?

Evaluate: What was positive or negative about the experience? This is the section where you can make value judgments Analysis: What do you make of the situation? What knowledge do you have from outside the experience that can help you determine what happened? Conclusions: What can be concluded from these experiences and the analyses you have done? What did you learn? Reflective Writing Help from Samples to Completed Assignments Our reflective journal writing service specializes in all types of reflective writing at any academic level.

Our Guarantees.Reflection at this level is very basic — some would say it is not reflection at all, as it is largely descriptive! However the description should not just be of what happened but should include a description of why those things happened.

Reflection at a superficial level makes reference to an existing knowledge base, including differing theories but does not make any comment or critique of them. Today I spent time with James client and his family on the ward. The family had a lot of questions about the rehabilitation process and wanted to know what was going to happen for James.

4+ Reflective Writing Examples & Samples in PDF | DOC

I wanted to reassure them that things were OK because I knew this was what they needed to know. James mother sat weeping beside his bed and I felt I had really stuffed things up for this family. I need to get some advice about how to handle angry families. The reflector makes sense of what has been learnt from the experience and what future action might need to take place. I wanted to reassure them that things were OK because I remembered from a uni lecture by a carer that carers needed reassurance, information and hope for the future of the person they cared for.

James mother sat weeping beside his bed. I felt confused and like I had done the wrong thing. I remembered from the same lecture about the emotional rollercoaster of caring for someone after a brain injury and how families could experience a range of emotional responses as they adjusted to their new reality.

reflective journal example pdf

It seemed like a useful conversation. This level of reflection has the most depth. To do so, the writer needs to be aware of the relevance of multiple perspectives from contexts beyond the chosen incident — and how the learning from the chosen incident will impact on other situations.

Note that these are short excerpts from longer documents previously submitted for assessments Permission granted by author. I could see that their questions and behaviours were driven by their extreme emotional states. They both needed an outlet for their emotions. I also thought about what James needed from his parents to optimise his participation in the rehabilitation program and how I could support them to provide that.

She agreed it would be good to talk and I helped her organise an appointment for the next day.

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It will be more helpful if I can acknowledge their emotional distress and fears and reassure them that their response — whatever it is — is normal and expected. If I show that I can cope with their distress I can assist them to get the support they need and this will be critical in getting the best outcome for clients like James.

NOTE: These short excerpts are from longer documents previously submitted for assessments Permission granted by authors. Also note the format of the in-text citations reflect this. A plan for building resilience for my future role as a midwife would need to start now in order that positive patterns are embedded in my practice and everyday life. Foureur, M. Enhancing the resilience of nurses and midwives: Pilot of a mindfulness-based program for increased health, sense of coherence and decreased depression, anxiety and stress.

McDonald, G. Personal resilience in nurses and midwives: Effects of a work-based educational intervention. It is vital to ensure a healthy work-life balance Pelvin, Burnout increases with the incidence of family-work conflict Jordan et al.Please join StudyMode to read the full document.

It was a really exciting and nerve raking experience. When I first walked in and met Jena the dental receptionist I couldn't help but notice how much space there was in the front office and how it had 2 computers. I was a little surprised when I found out the office was paperless, thinking that I would have to scan every piece of paper into each patients chart.

Jena didn't wait any minute to put me to work, she asked me if I could do confirmations calls for each patient that was coming for the following day. I called my first patient and told him the date and time that his appointment was. I unfortunately messed up on the date number, I felt embarrassed with the patient and I apologized and told the patient the right date.

I personally think I can improve by pacing myself when I speak, pronouncing my words clear and making sure I have the correct date and time. Jena also showed me how they have this marketing tool called Demand Force on a website where it sends patients an email 2 days before reminding them of their appointment. It saves them lots of phone calls but apparently the marketing tool is expensive.

Patients can also When observing the HND class, although many of the techniques may have been considered basic, the students clearly enjoyed the interaction and the opportunity to be integrated in the session. Feedback from my second teaching observation this year, was I had not interpreted a model correctly to students. I subsequently sought advice from my tutor to ask to discuss my interpretation of the model and how this could be rectified with the students.

This was a steep learning curve for myself, asking for help and support should not be seen as detrimental. Reviewing what happened, realistically I need to ensure I review all models and seek advice from colleagues if I am not sure how to approach them. One of the modules which I taught this academic year was a lecture as a guest speaker, followed by a seminar and the students were split into two seminar groups. I therefore had to co-teach the seminar group with a colleague.

I found this situation quite difficult, as although I was preparing the material for both seminar groups the other lecturer did provide feedback, comments on how things could have been done differently.

The feedback was not constructive on lesson techniques instead At issue the parents were reluctant to authorize treatment or allow the nurse to provide pain medication to their daughter. The ethical issue in this case is ensuring that Rachel and baby receive necessary medical care in the delivery of her baby as painlessly as possible.

The steps in determining the issues in this case involve looking at the problem objectively, determining who will most be affected by the decision made, what their rights are and ensuring that the right action is Reflective Journal File As I write this, it is raining.

As grey as the clouds are now, so were my apprehension about this assignment when it was first handed to me. I am trying my best to pen down my thoughts about this reflective journal. It seems as though time has taken a pause as I try to fit my whole life experience into the given word limit. The experience was better than what a textbook could offer and it was a real treat for me as a health care worker.Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly.

DOI: Starting Something New 1. The Metaphorical Mirror 1. View PDF. Save to Library. Create Alert. Launch Research Feed. Share This Paper.

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reflective journal example pdf

View 3 excerpts, cites methods and background. Research Feed. View 1 excerpt, cites background. View 2 excerpts, cites background. Different approaches towards training for crisis - a presentation of a comparative study.

Developing student teachers' ability to evaluate their pupils' learning in the classroom. Antecedents and outcomes of income diversification in higher education:A resource-based view. References Publications referenced by this paper.There is not that much that can confuse a college student the way an assignment to write a reflective journal can!

How to Write Reflective Journal in 30 Minutes

If you are not even sure what it is, you may get stuck and spend hours trying to understand how to finish the task. No student can complete a reflective journal homework without understanding what a reflective journal writing is. Before you see the template, take your time to read the definition and the basic rules that have to be followed. Based on our Geeky experience with the students, it will pay off with your time and the nerves saved!

Think of a reflective journal as of a reflective diary where you write down the thoughts, impressions, and the concerns that you have about what you have learned and experienced as a student. It is your own way of speaking of both positive and the negative events, tell how you felt about it, share what it meant to you in the past and how it has changed or remained the same after the experience.

Finally, reflective journal assignment allows you to tell of what you have learned from the experience or acquired knowledge and what else would you like to learn. Before you start with the template or a draft of your reflective journal on any topic, make sure to:. To make things even clearer for your reflective journal writing task, we want to offer a template to make your creative juice flow and make sure that no time is wasted!

Follow the next model to keep within the rules:. When you have the answers and ideas to these questions more or less clear, continue with the following reflective journal template guide table:.

Now your task is to continue with your reflection journal by stating what are you learning for and how it has influenced and affected you in terms of your academic development and professional growth. Look into your chosen major and a field of study to see what kind of changes and contributions you can make as a result of this learning experience. This is the part that should make your reflective journal assignment personal and unique.

You should write of your impressions and the personal considerations that have helped to shape your personality. Restate your thesis and the key points. Write of what else would you like to learn and consider additional work and ideas to have a strong and powerful conclusion of your reflective journal. The template guide provides only a general outline that you have to follow, yet there may be specific requirements that your instructor may provide you with.

From engineers and educators to social work specialists and the nursing students, reflective journal homework does have certain peculiarities that we want to mention before we proceed with the actual reflective journal essay samples.

Speaking from our experience, the nursing students always receive their fair share of reflective journal homework, which can be quite a daunting and an exhausting task in addition to theory and practice assignments. Take ethical considerations, works of the theorists, and the case studies, and you have more than enough to keep poor nursing students busy with their reflective journal assignments for days!

Still, the things are not as bad as they may seem at first! Just follow these little tricks as you write:. Of course, these are far not all existing peculiarities of reflection journal tasks for nursing students as there are some simple rules like constantly adding to your journal and keeping lots of drafts! Nevertheless, following the five rules above, you will save your precious time and remember what simply has to be there!A reflective journal is a place to write down your daily reflection entries.

It can be something good or bad that has happened to you that you can self-reflect on and learn from past experiences. A reflective journal can help you to identify important learning events that had happened in your life. The events include your relationships, careers and personal life. By writing a reflective diaryyou can find the source of your inspiration that defines you today.

A reflective journal also provides a better understanding of your thought process. When you are thinking about or reflecting while you are in an activity, you are using reflection in-action. Some reflection include:. You can do reflect-on-action once the activity has finished based on what you can remember about it.

Step back into the experience, explore your memory and retrieve what you can recall. Reflect and understand what has happened and draw lessons from the experience.

Get access to your diary wherever you are — download the free Journey app for your all of your iOS and Android devices today!

A bible journal is one that holds your thoughts and reflections after a religion class and feelings that concerns life. Document your adventures, road trips, places that you have visited, and discoveries that you made along the way.

Home Blog Help Desk. What is a Reflective Journal? Reasons to Write a Reflective Journal To understand the things that have happened.

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To reflect on why it happened this way. To align future actions with your values and lessons learned from your past experiences. To share and get your thoughts and ideas out of your head. There's no time like the present - download Journey app today! Loved by millions! Journal Basics What is a Journal? Bible Journal A bible journal is one that holds your thoughts and reflections after a religion class and feelings that concerns life.

reflective journal example pdf

Dream Journal Record your dreams on a regular basis and keep track of the dream's themes and patterns. Travel Journal Document your adventures, road trips, places that you have visited, and discoveries that you made along the way.

Reflective Journal A self-reflective journal helps you to create your life with intention.

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