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Law school 3+3 program

Boise State University, Concordia University School of Law, and University of Idaho College of Law have launched two distinct, joint law degree programs that affirm a commitment to creating partnerships to expedite the training of legal professionals. A maximum of 30 credits from the first year of law school will be used to complete the credits total required for a baccalaureate degree.

Center for Advising and Student Success. Other program options are being developed. John McGuire may be contacted at For more information, students should contact the program coordinator at The Center for Advising and Student Success, Riverfront Hall, Room This may be deferred for specific majors and circumstances. Students may begin indicating interest in the program during New Student Orientation or, if in a department with an existing program of study, by meeting with an advisor the first semester of enrollment to determine eligibility and begin the appropriate paperwork.

Courses can be taken during summer sessions as well. A minimum of 90 credits are needed before beginning a law program. Because the program is currently designed for students to complete most Boise State requirements in three years from the start of their first semester, in general, transfer students may have difficulty constructing a plan.

Some majors have admission processes in addition to admission to the university. It is critical that students interested in majors with admission processes and limited numbers of student accepted into the programs meet with an academic advisor early on to develop a plan.

If the credits required for the minor fit within the elective credits of the major, a student can complete both the major and minor in the plan. In addition, some majors, require that students be ready to take Calculus. Students are encouraged to participate in exchange programs and internships. Exchange and internship credits approved by Boise State may count toward academic progress under the plan, but must be completed within the three-year program period.

Students need to contact their advisor to discuss feasibility as early as possible. Remember, there is no penalty for finishing in more than three years. The selected law program s need to have Boise State requirements completed before starting law classes. Students are responsible to discuss their plans with their advisor as early as possible to determine how anticipated transfer credits will fit into their degree plan. Transfer coursework must be reported to Boise State in a timely fashion.

Best advice: speak with the academic advisor first.

law school 3+3 program

As long as the student can still complete their Boise State plan in three years, modifications are possible. All stop-out situations must be documented and approved by the Program Coordinator in order to stop the three-year clock.

Any student participating in the program for any length of time will benefit and should continue contact with an academic advisor. Each participating law program has its own set of admission criteria.

Additionally, the student must be aware that, when LSAC calculates GPA, all grades and credits earned for repeated classes will be included in the GPA calculation reported to law programs if the course units and grades appear on the transcript.

Consult with the Admission Counselors at Idaho and Concordia. Appropriate deadlines may also be set. Students should continue to have contact with an academic advisor.

There are no penalties. Students are enrolled full-time in their law program not at Boise State University.He'll answer any question, including about his studies abroad or his research at NASA.


Consult these quick resources to get you started on the process this month. As we work to adjust to the current reality, make sure to check out these dedicated COVID resources : our directory of virtual campus toursour directory of extended deadlinesas well as the list of schools going test optional this fall. May edited June in Law School.

I noticed this option in one of the college brochures that came our way, and I would like to know what other schools offer a similar program. May edited June Post edited by lgreen on June May Dima replies 23 threads Senior Member. Washington and Lee University. UPenn through submatriculation.

The program allows a Georgetown junior to apply without an LSAT score for a spot in the class when he graduates in the regular four years. Emory also has one. Wildflower replies 33 threads Senior Member. Americanski replies 1 threads Member. Most good schools don't have one. It's possible that they have a program that lets you apply your junior year, but I don't think there's one you can apply for before that.

Fandango replies 12 threads Junior Member. Thus, couting some of the courses at Columbia towards the undergraduate degree. I understand very few people apply to this program, as most people like to stay for four years at Whitman. Furthermore, if a student is sufficiently excellent for the program, the student might as well wait one year and aim a bit higher. Students typically do not apply, but are more or less urged or chosen for it. Again, this is what I have heard.

And in any event, this, like the Rice program, isn't something you can apply for as a freshman applicant to the school. I also remember reading last year in Hamilton College's NY catalog that the school has a linkage program with Columbia Law. The deans at each of these colleges annually nominate one or two outstanding members of their junior classes for admission to Columbia Law School.

While matriculating at the School, these students elect the equivalent of one term of interdisciplinary study in other divisions of Columbia University. Eligible undergraduates may not apply on their own initiative; those interested should consult their deans or prelaw advisors for additional information about the AILE nomination process at their college or university.

The Who, What, and How of 3+3 Law Programs

Ivy League 5 replies 0 threads New Member. Fordham University NY. DRab replies 57 threads Senior Member. February RPI has one too. Badatcomingupwithusername 51 replies 14 threads Junior Member. Cornell has this program too. You need to be accepted. I'm not sure how competitive it is.

Failing Physics? What is a good LSAT score for the first practice test? Chance me.Welcome New Students. If admitted, students enroll as full-time law students during what would otherwise be the senior year.

At the successful conclusion of that year, the BA or BS is awarded. After two more years of full-time law study, the JD is awarded. To schedule an appointment, click here. Have earned no more than hours of Tulane or Tulane accepted transfer credits prior to starting law school.

This entails gathering the signature of your major advisor who can certify that you will have completed all of your major requirements by the end of your junior year. You will also need the signature of your academic advisor, who can certify that you will have completed all of your core requirements prior to law school enrollment.

You must complete your core and your major requirements by the end of May prior to the August in which you seek to enroll at the law school.

law school 3+3 program

Your first-year law courses can only count towards the total credit count necessary to graduate from Tulane--not towards your core curriculum, major or distribution requirements. The online application is available via the Law School Admissions Council. You must set up an account at www.

Close Search form Search.The balance of their undergraduate credits 30 credits will be completed during their first year of law school at Seton Hall University. Rising sophomores who meet the criteria may also apply. The criteria for initial admission to the Program are:. Sacred Heart Faculty Advisors will assist admitted students to insure program requirements are met.

SHLS admissions will be responsible for final review and evaluation prior to entry into the JD degree program. Admitted students who fail to meet program requirements may still be considered for regular admission to SHLS.

Tuition for the duration of the program spent at Sacred Heart, including summer courses, if any, shall be the same tuition charged to students in other Sacred Heart programs. Update to Microsoft Edge. Or try an alternative browser: Chrome Firefox. The criteria for initial admission to the Program are: High school grade point average of 3. Letters of recommendation from high school teachers or guidance counselors. Minimum SAT composite score of with each of 2 section scores not less than Students who do not submit SAT scores can be provisionally admitted to this program.

Personal interview with Sacred Heart Admissions. Program Requirements Students are required to: Follow the requirements of their declared Sacred Heart major. Meet the minimum cumulative GPA standard of 3. Maintain good social standing while enrolled at Sacred Heart. Tuition Tuition for the duration of the program spent at Sacred Heart, including summer courses, if any, shall be the same tuition charged to students in other Sacred Heart programs.Bjarni was excellent, thorough, and very responsive.

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law school 3+3 program

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law school 3+3 program

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