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Hello Friends, at first, I was not very convinced about finding a life partner on any online matrimonial websites, seeing my friends still trying on many of those.

Read more. We met through Shaadi. After initial discussions, we decided to exchange more information and after that point then there was no looking back. I Saw my wife's profile on shadi. She accepted. This journey started when Taha Express Interest in me. Being an offline member I got his contact details from one of the customer care center in Pune Camp area.

bohra hindu

Our feelings increased with mails and telepho I liked Huzefa profile and sent him an interest. Huzefa got in touch with me and we spoke for about a year and a half before we decided we were indeed always meant for each other. Thanks to Shaadi.

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I saw Fatema's profile on Shaadi. Then we started interacting on email and chat and phone calls. After around 3 month I got to know about her profile on Shaadi. I expressed interest in her and she accepted it and we started comunicating with e Me and kal got in contact with each other on he 21st December Kal was the one that emailed me first and we got chatting from then. We chatted for a month and then we decided to meet up. We first We Both Took Paid Membership which was easy.

Then we contacted each other. We arranged a meeting at my Aunt's Place which was convenient for both of us then we talked and liked each other. Even our Parents How do I say that how we met?. Its just destiny which made our way together. She send her proposal to me to which I accepted in hope to know more about her.

We met each other through Shaadi. We grew closer each day and our relationship. We got engaged in sep 27 and then married on oct We thank God and I was averse to putting my profile online, but it was my aunt who insisted that I make myself available in the most fashionable way, i.

So once I came back from my cousin? Help Desk Be Safe Online.Mu' meneen Brothers and Sisters. As Salaam Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

May Allah's Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon all of you. My question is dat i m n hindu gal,but love a bohra boy. There may be some grammatical and spelling errors in the above statement.

The forum does not change anything from questions, comments and statements received from our readers for circulation in confidentiality. Can Hindu marry a bohra. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright.

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We bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah Alone, and we bear witness that Muhammad saws is His slave-servant and the seal of His Messengers. My dear beloved sister, There is no place for a maula or sects like Bohrism in Islam. If you are a non-muslim and want to marry a bohra you will naturally be required to embrace the faith of Islam. However, since you have opted to seek our advice, we strongly suggest you read the Noble Quran in a language you understand and then for the sake of Allah, the Lord of the Worlds revert to Islam and become the beneficiary of numerous bounties.

Insha Allah, He will grant you, if He wills whatever your heart desires. We cannot help you much if in your blindness of love you opt to marry a bohri with reservations of bad dreams, raza etc. If you are indeed searching for reality and truth about Islam then only can we be of some help. My dear beloved sister, please do not be offended by our straight answer and if you do have any questions on Islam, we humbly request you to ask us immediately without any hesitation.

Allah's Messenger saws said: The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim. Whatever written of Truth and benefit is only due to Allahs Assistance and Guidance, and whatever of error is only ones. Your brother and well wisher in Islam. Members of Islamhelpline. Toggle navigation. Category: Other Questions.

Email this article. Check below answers in case you are looking for other related questions:. Talaq divorce bain and raji. Support cricket match.

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Rulings on the mourning of a woman whose husband has died. Meaning dua. Hijab mandatory. Give office stationary to friends. Recommended answers for you:. Taking oath on quran. Who created Allah?

Why Bohra Muslims are so enamoured of Narendra Modi

Sender's Name:. Sender's Email Address:. Do not send my name and email address. Close Send Email.The main differences between their beliefs and practices and those of regular Muslims are: the Daudi Bohras pay special attention to Ali, to his sons, Hassan and Hussain, and to their high priest, the Mullah Sahib of Surat; they pay special attention to circumcision; they reject the validity of the three caliphs, Abu Bakr Sidik, Umar, and Usman; and at death a prayer for pity on the soul and the body of the deceased is laid in the dead man's hand.

The Jaafari Bohras are Sunnis in faith. They have no religious head, but many traditionally have followed spiritual guides. Many of them are known as Kabarias from being devoted to the kabar or grave of Pir Muhammad Shah at Ahmedabad. As already stated, the Nagoshis' founder held the peculiar doctrine that animal food was sinful; otherwise their religious sect is very much like the Alia sect.

bohra hindu

The Sulaimani Bohras only differ from the Daudi in their recognition of the religious head of the sect. Their high priest traditionally lives in Najram in the Hifa in Arabia. The Alia Bohras strongly resemble the Sulaimani Bohras in their religious practices. Many Sunni Bohras traditionally have spiritual guides, who are given much respect, and many also still keep to certain Hindu practices.

They give death and marriage dinners; they sometimes give Hindu names to their children or modify Muslim ones. Some Sunni Bohras, however, are followers of the Gheit-Mukallid teachers of the Wahabi sect, who follow strict Muslim customs.

Toggle navigation. Also read article about Bohra from Wikipedia. User Contributions: 1. Bashir Simra. Isn't The Quran and Hadith enough for us?

Arakh in India

If we also prostrate before priests and graves then what is the difference between Muslims and Kufaar? Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: Name:. E-mail: Show my email publicly. Human Verification:. Public Comment: characters. Send comment.The term Gujarati Muslims is usually used to signify an Indian Muslim from the state of Gujarat in western coast of India. Gujarati Muslims are very prominent in industry and medium-sized businesses, and there is a very large Gujarati Muslim community in Mumbai.

Gujrati Muslim are termed as the richest Muslims in India and Pakistan as well. Many members of this community migrated to Pakistan in and have settled in Sindh province especially in Karachicontributing to the national welfare and economy of Pakistan. According to the Census of Indiathe Gujarati Muslim population was 5, but significant numbers of Gujarati Muslims are found within the larger context of the Gujarati diaspora that became established throughout all the inhabited continents of the world.

Most Gujarati Muslims have Gujarati language as their mother tongue, but some communities such as the Momin AnsariMemons[16] Gujarati Shaikh[17] [18] and others, have Urdu as their mother tongue.

bohra hindu

Gujarati Muslims played a pivotal role in establishing Islam in Southeast Asia. Located in the westernmost portion of India, Gujarat includes the region of KutchSaurashtraand the territories between the rivers Banas and Damanganga.

Islam came early to Gujarat, with immigrant communities of Arab and Persian traders. Most came as traders as they did before Islam and built a masjid during the times of Muhammad and other parts of the western seacoast of India as early as the 8th century C. E, spreading Islam soon as the religion gained a foothold in the Arabian peninsula.

They laid the foundation of the Bohra and Khoja communities. In the early era however Gujarat was ruled by the Valabhi dynasty. This episode ushered a period of five centuries of Muslim Turkic and Mughal rule, leading to a conversion of a number of Hindu Gujarati people to Islamand the creation of new communities such as the Molesalam and Miyana communities.

In the sixteenth century, the Memon community immigrated from Sindh and settled in Kutch and Kathiawar. While in Bharuch and Surata schism occurred among the Bohras, and a new community of Sunni Bohras was created.

Another Muslim sect, the Mahdawi also settled in Gujarat, and led to the creation of the Tai community. This period led to the settlement of the Mughal community.

A good many Sayyid and Shaikh families also are said to have arrived during the period of Mughal rule. With the establishment of the Sufi Suhrawardi and Chishti orders in MultanSind and Gujarat, pirs enjoyed state patronage.

After the death of the Mughal emperor AurangzebinMughal rule began weaken after ruling for a century. Most of Gujarat fell to the Marathasand this period saw the dispersal of further Pathans and Baluchis, who came as mercenaries and were destroyed or defeated by the Marathas.Karanvir Bohra born 28 August[1] known also as Manoj Bohra[8] is an Indian television and film actor, producer and designer.

Saubhagyavati Bhava? Bohra also owns a local clothing brand, Pegasus. He was a contestant on the reality show Bigg Boss in Bohra was born on 28 August in Jodhpur to a Marwari family. InBohra changed his name from Manoj to Karanvir.

7 April 2020 - the hindu news analysis today - the hindu editorial analysis - by pankaj bohra

Bohra has been involved in cleanliness and meditation activities. Bohra's first acting role was as a child artist in Tejaa Singh working on the detective series C. D and later for Achanak 37 Saal Baad.

InBohra did a cameo role in Aziz Mirza 's film Kismat Konnection playing the character of Dev Kataria, a spoilt brat and businessman. However he was eliminated from Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. Bohra will to play the role of Rajiv Gandhi in this short film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indian actor.

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JodhpurRajasthanIndia [2]. Teejay Sidhu m. Retrieved 14 October According to source, Bohra celebrated his 35th birthday on 28 August The Times of India. Retrieved 10 July Hindustan Times. Daily News and Analysis. Retrieved 5 September The Telegraph India. TEDx Talks. Retrieved 26 November — via YouTube. Archived from the original on 20 July Retrieved 25 August Deccan Chronicle. Retrieved 12 March TV Magazine - Heavenly Haven!

Retrieved 12 July Retrieved 30 June Retrieved 23 October Retrieved 30 July Female genital mutilation is being practiced not just in Africa but in the heart of Mumbai. Imagine being pinned down on the floor.

Imagine your underwear being taken off. Imagine seeing a knife being heated on the gas stove. Imagine the same hot knife slicing your clitoris. Imagine young girls shrieking in pain. The cruel practice of female genital cutting or female genital mutilation FGM is not happening only in far away Africa.

Young girls aged six and seven are regularly being cut right here, in India. Mumbai abounds with untrained midwives who continue to scar young girls from the Bohra community, a Shia sub sect. For long, FGM or khatna as the Bohras call it remained a well-kept secret, a taboo, a subject never to be discussed. But now a few women — victims at the hands of the Bohra tradition — are choosing to speak out and create awareness. The pain has become a trigger and the passion to save other girls from being cut have made her and the others fearless.

Masooma was cut 42 years ago but says the day is etched in her mind. She narrates her personal story haltingly but with clarity. I happily went with her. We went into this dark decrepit building. I remember being taken into a room. The curtains were drawn. She said lie down. Like an obedient child, I lay. My grandmother was holding my hands. An oldish woman pulled down my pants… I started crying.

I shrieked in pain… I experienced a sharp, shooting pain and she put some black powder there… I came home and cried and cried and cried For a long time, Masooma did not understand what had happened to her or why she had been cut. The realisation that she had been so betrayed shattered her. The reasons why khatna is so common in the community shocked her. Aarefa Johari, a young, articulate journalist is another petitioner. Like most women in the two million-strong Bohra community, Aarefa was cut too.

Without consent and without too much thought. Why, she asked herself for a long time. The answer to that question is stark: Tradition is not easy to slay. Slaying young girls is easier. Masooma and Aarefa were both cut because their mothers were pressured into taking their daughters to Bhindi Bazaar in Mumbai by older women in the family; either by aunts or mothers-in-law.

The sad truth to this painful process is the fact that it is a practice being done to women by other women. Most women we spoke with blamed their mothers initially.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bohra —Indian engineer, academician, author, educator and philanthropist Ramkumar Bohra —Indian film producer, director, actor and screenwriter Karanvir BohraIndian television actor Other uses [ edit ] Bohra genusan extinct marsupial of family Macropodidae Disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term.

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